Water leaks are a major problem for many homeowners. Water leaking through foundation walls, into crawlspaces or even into your home can be a major issue, especially for those living in low–level areas. A sump pump can be a major benefit for your home’s plumbing system.Customers living in Virginia can protect their homes against water damage simply by being prepared. Likewise, if you have already been battling water issues, now is the time to call J&L Plumbing about installation of a new sump pump.

A sump pump is a very simple device. When it rains excessively and water builds up around foundation walls or in your crawlspace, the sump pump turns on and actively pumps water out of that space and into a drain pipe leading to the sewer. Sump pumps can be installed inside of a pit that is designed to gather ground water before it can move into your home or they can be installed outside of a pit, on a pedestal that removes water from a similar opening in the ground. Submerged sump pumps are more efficient but they require more maintenance, so it is important to discuss the pros and cons of these options with a technician.

Whatever your circumstance, a sump pump is a good option to remove excess water build up, especially if you are beneath the water shed or if recent construction near your home has shifted more water onto your property.

Sump pump maintenance like any component of your home’s plumbing system, a sump pump requires regular maintenance. This maintenance should be performed annually, before the rainy season starts. During maintenance, we will inspect your sump pump to ensure that the battery backup still works, the device is properly lubricated, and that no water has gotten into the pump itself. For submersible sump pumps, the device should be removed from the pit and fully inspected to ensure it works properly, then tested by dumping 2–3 gallons of water into the pit to see if it turns on properly.

Ideally a sump pump will automatically turn on when water is poured into the pit. This ensures the system works properly and doesn’t take too long to turn on, which could lead to flooding and water damage.

If you are tired of water coming into your home or causing damage to the area around your foundation and your home, now is the time to call J&L Plumbing  and learn more about how sump pump installation can protect your home. We can install and maintain sump pumps for any size and type of home and ensure that yours works as intended for years to come.